Horrid henrie

horrid henrie

Horrid Henry is a children's book series by Francesca Simon and illustrated by Tony Ross. The first Horrid Henry book was written and published in by  ‎ Horrid Henry (TV series) · ‎ Horrid Henry: The Movie · ‎ List of Horrid Henry characters. I hate Peter he is such a snitch and a smelly nappy baby Peter always tells of Henry to his mum and dad who. Welcome, loyal members of the Purple Hand Gang, to the world of King Henry the Horrible. A world where you will find brand new and mega horrid videos from. Not a Gang member? Episode 35 Sat Saturday 3 Jun 3. Episode 40 Sat Saturday 27 May 7pm Henry is good on the computer - but not good at doing what teachers want him to! Overview About Careers Press Contact Wikia. Henry teases him by calling him names, the worst being "Smelly Nappy Baby". Henry is master of excuses for not giving in his homework, but has he gone too far? Henry tries to trick the tooth fairy, but she's not so easy to fool. Henry decides that going to the theatre is not all bad. Henry's latest get rich quick scheme backfires on him spectacularly. Horrid Henry gets himself a new best friend, but not for long. Episode 24 Thu Thursday 25 May 12pm Henry's contribution to the school time capsule backfires horribly. Not something you thought would ever happen! Ad blocker interference detected! Henry's mother and fatherhave never trusted Henry to be well behaved, are extremely healthy, and always make something with vegetables for dinner. Throughout the whole course of the series, Henry's spongebob spielen friend is shown to be Rude Ralphwhom Henry has a similar personality to. Coole browsergames kostenlos seems to have a rejection to vegetables, and to school dinners. Horrid Henry and the Zombie Hamster: But Henry still lets him to be chief secretary of the Purple Hand Gang. A day out with Great Aunt Greta! Views Read Edit View history. horrid henrie Rude Ralph Best Friend Fang Aerobic Al Brainy Brian Beefy Bert B. At last Henry has got a scooter! It's the Purple Hand Gang vs the Secret Club when Henry and Margaret can't agree. Horrid Henry's latest get rich quick scheme does not turn out as well as he'd hoped! Almost Naked Animals 12 episodes Animated series following a group of underwear-clad animals, set in a beach front hotel. Not something you thought would ever happen!

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Horrid Henry - Marvellous Moments Henry's Mother's Day present is really special. Henry plans to take a sick day off school, but instead finds himself playing doctor. Episode 22 Thu Thursday 6 Jul 4pm This time it's really not Henry's fault when the baby goes missing! Join Henry's Purple Hand Gang and get access to quizzes, downloads, screensavers and more fun stuff! Throughout the series, Henry is shown as being a "horrid" child, indicated by the people around him, including his parents and teacher.

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